March 1, 2015

Lives Changed in Haiti – Tisone's Story

Tisone lived in a mud hut in old Le Tant near the lake. He had a son named Ti Quin who had grown up with a painful, crippling disease. The disease was so difficult that Ti Quin often screamed throughout the night from the terrible pain. Ti Quin’s arms and legs were twisted from the disease. Tisone tried to feed his family by growing a small garden by his mud hut, but it was a constant struggle. At one point, the lake rose and Tisone lost his garden, his hut – everything he had.


But God can take a bad thing and turn it into a good thing! Sometimes when things look their darkest is when God begins to work a miracle.


When the mud huts were destroyed by floods, Pastor Jentezen Franklin and his partners built new homes in Kingdom Connection Village. At the same time, an organization that helps the handicapped in Haiti came and provided to take in Ti Quin and provide for his care. Tisone and his wife now live in a beautiful house in Kingdom Connection Village. His vegetable garden is thriving and banana trees grow all around his house. And Ti Quin is receiving the care he always needed.


Thank you for your contribution to the work in Haiti. Without your prayers and donations, people like Tisone and Ti Quin could never have received the help they needed. Without partners like you, Kingdom Connection Village would not exist. Working together and with the power of God, we can continue to change lives in Haiti.