July 13, 2012

100 Homes for Haiti

Kingdom Connection Village goes up in Haiti!


You won’t believe the difference your prayers and support are making for the people of Haiti who were devastated by the tragic earthquake and it’s after effects. This is what Le Tant was like a year ago:



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God has used you to feed the hungry, treat the injured and build homes for the homeless through our partnership with Bobby and Sherry Burnette in Haiti. Your prayers and gifts have helped so many people who lost their loved ones, their arms and legs and their homes in Haiti after the earthquake.


Now, Kingdom Connection Village–100 homes for the people of Le Tant–is almost complete! Le Tant Village sits on the shores of a lake that flooded when earthquakes opened underground springs. These waters became contaminated with garbage and sewage and overtook the area. The families were forced from their homes.


With your help, we are relocating families to a brand new Kingdom Connection Village, away from the dangerous rising waters. The foundations have been poured, almost all of the homes are built and soon the finishing touches will be made! You helped provide a miracle for these precious Haitians.


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We have come a long way in a year as we speak life to the hurting in Haiti but we still have much to do. Their needs continue.