March 22, 2021

Hunger Makes the Dog Climb the Coconut Tree – A Haitian Proverb

The photo collage above is from the village of New Letant. There is also a village called Old Letant. The people of New Letant are very, very poor, but they are blessed to live in block houses in a separate area called Kingdom Connection Village. These houses were built by the generosity of Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries and their Kingdom Connection partners after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Before the earthquake, there were only mud huts by the lake in Old Letant and the entire village was destroyed.


New Letant recently lost their leader, Pastor Sorrell, a wonderful man of God. We pray that God will raise up another leader, another man of God like Pastor Sorrell. We have known these New Letant people for a long time. They try to make a living buying and selling little items. Some of them still go down to the lake at Old Letant and try to catch fish to sell. It is a tough life for all these people and their families… That is why they really look forward to the box of food they receive from the Kingdom Connection Distribution Center each month. This is one of the villages that Kingdom Connection sponsors each month with food.


The Haitians have a saying, “hunger makes the dog climb the coconut tree.” It means, when you are hungry, you will do anything! We see the truth of that in Haiti every day. It’s behind the violence in the streets, it drives the many gangs who fight to control the roads and pathways Haitian travel to buy, sell, and trade. This makes it that much more dangerous for the ladies and children who go back and forth selling their little items, and sometimes keeps them from selling at all for days or weeks.


Between the danger they face and the constant rise in food prices, receiving these boxes of healthy, life-sustaining food is like a miracle for the families here in New Letant. There is great JOY in feeding the hungry and caring for the poor. It’s like walking under the blessings of God! Thank you Pastor Jentezen and all of your partners who help make it possible to deliver food to this village and many, many other villages each month. Thank you for your love, your prayers, and your support!


We love you! Bobby and Sherry

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