Haiti's Miracle Market - Providing Food for Life

Gwo Maché Market, better known to us as the “Miracle Market”, opened in December of 2014. This 20-acre, open-air market in Fond Parisien, Haiti serves as the pinnacle of economic sustainability for the area surrounding the southeastern village. In this video from missionaries Bobby & Sherry Burnette, you will hear about—and see—the thriving marketplace today that provides "food for life" in Haiti!  

From the beginning, we knew the Miracle Market was a hefty goal, but it carried so much hope for this desolate land that suffers from extreme food insecurity, economic instability, and challenging conditions for food and livestock growth. The friends and partners of Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries responded in great faith and generosity when Pastor Jentezen announced this project. In the almost 8 years since the grand opening of Gwo Maché Mirak, the number of local businesses, vendors, and families who are able to safely and fairly practice trade has grown to 600. Some, such as Farmer John’s Abatwa, or butcher shop, employ as many as 30 Haitians! 


Love-a-Child reports that when ONE Haitian is employed, they feed an average of TEN people!


Gwo Maché Mirak continues to be a miracle in Haiti today! With full-time security and maintenance staff, the marketplace offers a safe, clean, environment for artisans, farmers, services, and even worship! Christian radio is broadcasted throughout the center each day. 


Thank you for your continued partnership with this ministry allowing us to send 272,000 meals each month to Haiti, and for your commitment to making miracles like this happen in the most unlikely places!