May 13, 2019

GWO Mache Mirak Beacon of Hope and Faith for People of Haiti


If you’re new to Jentezen Franklin media ministries, let us introduce you to the Miracle Market!  We have been partners in hope with the people of Haiti for nearly a decade. The GWO Mache Mirak (Grand Miracle Market) is one of the major projects our partners helped us undertake, and we celebrated the Grand Opening in 2014.



The 20-acre marketplace is unlike any other in the region. It was launched as a sustainability mission to teach and enable the community valuable skills that would create income while providing better services and nutrition to one of the poorest areas in Haiti. Since it’s inception over 2400 jobs have been created, local Haitians are given a place to produce, sell, and buy artisan crafts, food, animals, and so much more. The marketplace has become the central hub for the surrounding areas and provides a secure, clean place for trade AND WORSHIP to take place. The Miracle Market is often the site of family concerts, community meetings, and they broadcast daily prayer at noon!



New businesses are opening on a regular basis bringing more jobs and a more stable economy! Here are a few recent updates:

- The gas station that began construction near the end of 2018 is almost complete and ready to open

- A second bank, Unibank, has committed to open a branch in the marketplace

- New local vendors include a bakery and a salon

- Farmer John Restro Mirak (a restaurant) celebrated it’s grand opening in April

- The League of Pastors of Fond Parisien held a 3-day crusade onsite

- The Farmer John slaughterhouse continues to grow and bring in people from other areas to buy quality farm-raised meat to resale in other markets.



GWO Mache Mirak is truly a beacon of hope and faith for the people of Haiti where they’re given the opportunity to provide for their families and build a future where there was no hope for one before!



The marketplace is a beautiful example of the faith and commitment of our Connection Partners leaving a legacy for generations to come. God is working through the Miracle Market daily to fulfill His promises. It is an amazing testimony of God’s love and faithfulness to an entire nation.




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