Daily Devotion

November 13, 2013

Who’s got the ark?

The ark of God remained with the family of Obed-Edom in his house three months. And the Lord blessed the house of Obed-Edom and all that he had.
-1 Chronicles 13:14

King David got a scare in 1 Chronicles 13:9–14 when he tried to move the Ark of the Covenant. The ark tipped to one side and one of David’s men, named Uzza, put his hand on the ark to stabilize it. This angered the Lord, and Uzza was immediately struck dead.

A frightened David decided not to bring the ark, the presence of God, into his home. Instead, he left it at the home of a humble man named Obed-Edom. Obed-Edom was not a king. He was not a mighty man. In fact, he was not even a soldier. He was a ‘nobody’. He does not appear in the Bible until this occasion. But when he saw that the king did not want God’s presence in his home, Obed-Edom said, “I’ll take it,” and the Bible states that the Ark of the Covenant was placed in his care.

One of the meanings of the name Obed-Edom is worshipper. If you desire to maintain the presence of God in your home, a certain attitude must be a part of maintaining it. I believe worship and prayer were constant in Obed-Edom’s home.

Obed-Edom had eight sons, and not one of them was backslidden, not one was on drugs, not one was in prison, or living in sin. The Bible says all eight of them were mighty men of valor. If we bring the presence of God into our homes, our children and our marriage will be affected in a positive way.

Imagine what the atmosphere of your home would be if you instituted regular family Bible study and prayer.

Heavenly Father,
You are welcome in my home. Just as Obed-Edom made a place for You in his home through prayer and worship, I will commit to filling my own home with praise for You. Amen.