Daily Devotion

May 12, 2024

The Spirit Of Motherhood

“Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel, Until I, Deborah, arose, Arose a mother in Israel.” Judges 5:7


In Judges 5, God raised up an incredible woman named Deborah to be the judge of Israel. An evil Canaanite leader by the name of King Jabin had oppressed, attacked, and enslaved the nation of Israel for 20 years. He was cruel, mean, and wicked. He tried to destroy everything that Israel believed in. He wanted to force the people to worship multiple idol gods. The way he tried to control the people was by occupying the highways and the roads. When the people traveled, it was not a safe journey. Families would be attacked and victimized. This evil leader controlled where the people could go.


The roads that this new oppressor offered them were dangerous. The things and places they wanted to take would ruin, destroy, and decay the families of Israel. It was dangerous to put your children in a wagon and go down these paths that the Canaanite culture had for them. And it was in that kind of culture, Deborah said, “I arose and took a stand as a mother in Israel.” Although Deborah was known as a warrior and prophetess, she said (paraphrased), “I did not arise as a warrior, I did not arise as a judge, I did not arise as a prophetess, I arose as a mother. The spirit of motherhood came on me.” 


As a mother, she said, “I decided enough is enough. You're not going to send my babies down that road. That road won't lead to life, freedom, or victory. That road won’t lead them to God.” And it was a mother who said, “If the men can't change the state of the nation and the direction that our children and our children's children are going, it's time for the mothers to stand up.” 


1 Samuel 27:10 says, “King Achish said to David, ‘Where have you made a road today? Where have you built a highway?’” Where is the road that you're building taking your family? That's a good question to ask every day of your life. You're building a road to heaven or hell. You're building a road in your thinking to God or away from God. You're building a road for your family that will take them toward God or a road that goes in the opposite direction. Deborah decided she was not going to let the culture of the wicked Canaanites dictate the direction that the families of Israel would go. 


There will come a time when you will need to step up to influence the path your children are taking in life. You need to pray for a spirit of motherhood to come upon you. Rise up to build roads on which your children and grandchildren can safely walk. The way of the world will not keep a family together and will not get your family to Heaven. All these new paths that the world is trying to lead your children on will not lead to happiness, peace, and a good future. Mothers, it is time to rise up.


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