Daily Devotion

Don't Settle Keep Climbing

May 2, 2017

Isn’t it amazing that God can move on our behalf, and in a moment of crisis, come through with just the right answer or provision for that hour? And then, isn’t it even more amazing when He does it again…and again…and again? But as amazing as this is, I find it even more amazing that when we go through the next major crisis we suffer from amnesia and immediately forget all the times He has come through for us. Satan is the great deceiver, and if he can create just enough doubt, then he can set up a stronghold that keeps us from the high place God has called us to.


And so it is with us. We can know that we know that God is calling us to the next place, the next step in our journey. Yet, rather then remembering God’s legacy of faithfulness in our past, we choose to see our physical limitations and surface circumstances through human eyes using human logic. We turn back in discouragement, because we know that we know we are settling for less than God’s best.


Check out this video "Don't Settle, Keep Climbing": https://youtu.be/YVB_9YRJqvc


My oh my, how easy it would be to settle right where you are, in the land of familiar rather than take the risk of getting out of that boat. The problem is you know that you know you have been called to get out of that boat.


You have a legacy—the DNA of tried and tested faith. And God is calling you to do even greater things than you did before, maybe in a different field, in a different way, or a different place, but you’re going higher not lower. You need to believe that as you go up, the strongholds are coming down in Jesus’ name. Never trust your eyes in matters of faith. And rather than count the cost, instead remember and consider the many times God has come through … even when it seemed impossible.



Life Defining Questions:


FROZEN!!! Are you going through something that seems IMPOSSIBLE?


BUT!!!  Hasn’t God come through in your life time and time again?


STOP!!! Take inventory. Remember God’s legacy in your life. He will not let you down.


MOVE OUT!!! Take that next step of faith. Take that risk. Make that phone call. Plan on that financial mountain to be moved…SOON!!


Tell me about your mountain in a few paragraphs or less.

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