September 17, 2018

Violence and Looting Bypasses the Miracle Market

An increase in gas prices in July created widespread civil unrest in Haiti. Violent protests erupted, buildings were burned, and looting was widespread. Missionaries in Haiti were in a dangerous situation, complicated by running low on food and fuel. 


Many of you interceded in prayer. God heard, and He answered!


Protesters robbed and destroyed businesses on both sides of the Miracle Market. In the midst of the chaos and danger, many Christian Haitians gathered at the Market. They let the gangs of looters know the market belonged to God and to the people of Haiti. 


Miraculously, the Market remained untouched. What a testimony of God’s protection! Missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette also came through the crisis safely.  


Burnette said, “Thank you and everyone for your prayers. We were not attacked or robbed, and everyone had the perfect peace of God. Praise the Lord!”


While the protests have calmed, Haiti still desperately needs our prayer and our support. Thanks to your generosity, the Miracle Market shines a light of love and hope into the poverty and darkness prevalent in so much of Haiti. And many hungry children receive nourishing meals because of your compassion.


Thank you for all you do to make a difference in Haiti!