August 30, 2020

UPDATE: Pray for Haiti

Dear Pastor Franklin,


Thank you for taking a moment to read this email. We know you are so busy, but we just wanted to thank you, with all our hearts, for your faithful monthly gift of $10,000 for food. That’s 272,000 meals each month you and your partners feed the poor and hungry in Haiti! The economy here in Haiti is far worse than the economy in the states … hunger is all over Haiti.


The storm that just passed over wiped out crops and killed what few animals the poor had. And, with devaluation of the Haitian gourdes, the food prices have gone out of sight. Typical Haitians can hardly buy anything. They are really at God's mercy!


We are cooking food every day, (Monday through Saturday), for over 1,000 children and in addition, men and women. It takes 14 of those large "chodia pots" each day to cook the food. We just finished our food distribution to over 90 other missionary organizations that will do the same for the children and families in their areas. And on Monday, we will be going to a village that is in a very dangerous area. We must go through "gang territory” to do this. We trust the Lord in every trip we make. These are same gangs that stole our new Clinic van, robbed our people and took some hostage (later, our workers were released, thank the Lord!).


Thank you so much, Pastor Jentezen, for all you do to feed the hungry in Haiti. All the Haitian men, women and children send their love,


Bobby and Sherry



Just $10 will help send 270 meals to the Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center in Haiti! Please consider making a difference today.