June 5, 2023

Together, we sent 272,000 meals to Haiti!

We received an update from our ministry partners in Haiti! We honestly could not do this without you. 
Greetings from the poor in Haiti! 
It is with a happy, humble heart that we want to thank you for your gift of 272,000 meals and for hosting the upcoming “Food Packing Event!”  We have no words to thank you for your generous donation to hungry Haitian children! 
Please let your partners know how thankful we are for your upcoming “Free Chapel Food Packing Event!! This brings great joy to our hearts!!
These precious, hungry little children in Old Letant, Haiti, were blessed with a hot meal, and their parents received a box of the FMSC meals, 43,200 meals in this village alone! 
God bless you, with love, from Haiti.