The Miracle Market Update

July 11, 2016

Two years ago, Kingdom Connection partners set out to raise $1,000,000 to invest in the future of Haiti by building GWO Mache Mirak, the Miracle Market. Our partners wanted to do more than send food—we wanted to provide a way to help Haitians build a sustainable economy. Since reaching that goal hundreds of jobs have been created, businesses started and families able to feed their children and afford an education!

On July 1st, we received these new photos from GWO Mache Mirak, The Miracle Market. The dry, hot weather is rough on structures in Haiti, and they just completed repainting the buildings and entrance sign of the marketplace giving Mache Mirak a facelift!




The new vibrant colors reflect those in Haiti’s national flag and add to the exciting events taking place in the market right now . . . The new mayor relocated his office to the Miracle Market July 8th! This will be a great blessing to the marketplace and all those doing business and trading there.

We can’t wait to hear further updates from the move and more about the continued success of Mache Mirak. New businesses continue to move in, wider varieties of products continue to be made available for vendors and consumers, and the community is benefiting from the cleanest, safest marketplace in the region—not to mention the largest of it’s kind!




Thank you again for all of you whose generosity made this possible. What a huge turn-around this community has experienced since the earthquake just a few years ago. Praise the Lord for the salvation, both literal and spiritual, He has brought to this region!


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