The fastest response to an earthquake disaster in a remote village of Haiti, ever!

January 26, 2022


We received this email from our missionaries in Haiti yesterday, January 25th, that another earthquake had hit the morning of the 24th. The Office of Civil Protection said about 50 people had to be taken to the hospital Monday after suffering injuries during dozens of tremors that measured between 1.8 and 5.5 in magnitude. The agency said 591 homes were damaged and 191 were destroyed.
It is a disaster—but the response is a miracle! 


Good morning! Bobby has no internet and asked me to send these … 


[Haiti] had another quake in the area of NIP yesterday morning. Over nine hundred families lost their homes. The miracle is that we had backup tents and food just purchased and delivered last week. Over twenty families already have a tent installed for them the same day with food being provided [as well]. This [meeting needs before nightfall on the same day as the earthquake] is the fastest response to a disaster in a remote village of Haiti ever. Being that the roads to get out there are blocked by armed gangs, it will be days before any organization can even make it out there to assess the situation. Love a Child was prepared with human and physical resources for an immediate response team to meet the need the same day. This is a miracle. 


Haiti Earthquake Jan 2022

Many people in Anse a Veau were afraid to go inside their damaged homes so [we] set up several tents in the park for them to sleep in last night. Another immediate response!

Haiti Tents for Earthquake Victims

Haiti Tents for Earthquake Victims


Thanks to the continued support of friends like you who partner with us throughout the year and respond in these desperate times of need, our missionaries had supplies on hand to respond immediately and shelter many families,  AND Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries was able to send $100,000 right away with no hesitation! In the aftermath of this earthquake, as in disasters past, we will continue working with them to provide food, supplies, and shelter, and double-down to make sure the Kingdom Connection Distribution Center in Haiti is stocked and ready to serve as a beacon of hope in this time of great need. Can you help them? 


Please pray for Haiti and the displaced families. They were already in desperate need of food as you know. Some people, even before the earthquake, have been eating dirt to fill their stomachs.



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