February 19, 2021

"Thank you for this food that goes all over Haiti."


We want to thank you, Pastor Jentezen Franklin and your Kingdom Connection partners, for sponsoring a container of food each month to come to Haiti. This food goes all over Haiti, and helps feed many hungry children. We deeply appreciate this food. Haiti is in a political and an economic crisis, and there is a severe food shortage. Children suffer the most. That's why we love to see children eating big bowls of food with big smiles on their faces! Every child is a gift from God, and we are so very thankful to you and your partners Pastor Franklin, who put your hands together month after month to send this food to Haiti's poor.


Thank you and God bless you! And, thank you so much for building the huge Food Distribution Center where the food is safely stored and then transported to many villages throughout Haiti. I’ve attached a few little "smiles" to say "thank you!"


Bobby and Sherry






In Haiti, nearly one-third of all children under the age of five suffer from stunted growth. And more than 100,000 children suffer from acute malnutrition. They are dying of hunger. This is why, for over a decade, Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries has sponsored 272,000 meals each month to feed Haiti’s poorest. You can be part of this life-saving outreach!