February 14, 2019

Over 90 Organizations Receive Monthly Food

The devaluation of Haitian money continues to have a devastating impact on the poor. “It’s a very sad situation,” said missionary Bobby Burnette, director of Love a Child in Haiti. “Pastor Jentezen and his Kingdom Connection partners are literally saving lives.”


Each month, around 94 missionary groups come to pick up food at the Kingdom Connection food distribution center. It’s impossible to calculate the impact this boost of healthy nutrition makes in the lives of hungry children throughout the nation.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures represent tens of thousands of hungry children receiving meals:

Through your support, 272,000 meals are distributed to malnourished children in the poorest villages in Haiti each month. Your compassion and generosity are making a tremendous difference in the lives of people who face the very real possibility of starvation. Not only are their physical bodies being fed, but their souls are being touched with the love of Jesus. Thank you for caring about the hungry children in Haiti.