March 15, 2012

New Distribution Center

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For two years now we have partnered with missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette who are based in Haiti. Through the support of friends like you, we have continued to provide 540,000 meals each month to help sustain starving men, women and children.

We have also purchased two much-needed trucks to haul supplies and feed even more people in isolated regions. Bobby and Sherry are teaching villagers to grow their own gardens and supplying material needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

But we recently learned about another great need… they desperately need a larger distribution center to protect the food and supplies—and keep it all safe from thieves and rodents. This distribution center will also allow them to gather and provide even more resources for those in need.

This building costs $365,000 to build, and I believe we can do it quickly with your help. The new KINGDOM CONNECTION DISTRIBUTION CENTER will become a central location to provide hope, jobs and a future for the people of Haiti.


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