May 23, 2014

Miracle Market Underway in Haiti

Haiti’s Miracle Market is no longer a dream. It’s becoming reality! We were so honored to have missionaries, Bobby and Sherry Burnette with us at Free Chapel to share an update.




Unlike anything else in Haiti, this clean, modern facility will consist of twelve, pavilion-style buildings inside a secured, fenced area. It will house more than 600 new businesses operated by the Haitian people and promises to give them a safe place to buy, sell, and trade poultry, fish, produce, and goods created through the Food for Life sustainability programs.



Your gift to Miracle Market doesn’t end when construction is complete. It will ring through every new job created, each Haitian who learns a new skill, every child who no longer worries when they will be fed again, every new believer who hears the gospel in the marketplace. Every gift is a key in the hands of the Haitians who now have a chance to end the cycle of poverty and hopelessness in their region.


You have helped us send $700,000 in support of this Food for Life project. We are only $300,000 away from our goal! We’re praying that if you’re reading this update, it’s because you get the picture! You see the vision and possibility behind Miracle Market and want to be a part of changing the future for these families in Haiti. Will you help us finish?


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