December 17, 2018

Miracle Market a Hub for Community Activity

The Miracle Market has been a marvelous blessing to the area surrounding it. Growing steadily, it now has six restaurants, a bank, a phone company, Western Union, and a travel bureau—not to mention the 21 faithful vendors who earn money to support their families.

The growth isn’t letting up! Construction is beginning this week on a state-of-the-art gas station.

It’s wonderful to watch what God is doing economically through the market, but it’s even more wonderful to see the message of Jesus spreading throughout the area. The market recently hosted a special family festival. Families filled the market, and the festival provided another opportunity to share the gospel. 

Your support is such a blessing to the people of Haiti. There are no words to thank you enough for what you do. Matthew 6:4 says when you do a kindness to someone, God knows, and He promises to reward you. Thank you for your kind heart.