August 1, 2014

Meet Madame Ivan Jean Claude Baptiste!

Madame Baptiste has seven children. For years, she and her family lived in a mud hut along Lake Le Tant. The lake was prone to flooding and, when the water would rise, it headed toward her hut. She lived in fear every day that one of her children would drown.


For a time, her husband had a small fishing boat that provided some food for their family, but the boat was stolen. After that, they turned to making charcoal to sell. The money they earned wasn’t enough to feed the family. Every day was a struggle with poverty and hunger.


It was difficult to keep her children healthy in their living conditions. Rain came through the roof of the hut. Rats often bit her babies at night. Her children caught malaria from the mosquitoes. Can you imagine what it would be like to be living in those conditions?


Things have now changed for Madame Baptist and her family! Thanks to partners like you, this family receives healthy meals to eat from the Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. They now live in a new house in Kingdom Connection Village. And thanks to the soon to be opened Miracle Market, she now has hope that she will soon have a job to support her family.


God is changing Haiti one family at a time. Through your donations, hungry families are being fed. Families living in horrible conditions are moving to new houses. Most of all, through your donations and prayers, you are reaching out to families who are hopeless and giving them hope. God bless you!