Medical Care Provided in Remote Areas of Haiti

October 1, 2014

For several years, we have partnered with missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette as they do the Lord’s work in Haiti. We recently received this report from them:


A wonderful group of volunteers from America came to Haiti to staff a Mobile Medical Clinic that spent two days in the village of Z’Abriko and two days in the village of Cotin. Many Haitians walked for several hours for the opportunity to see a medical professional. Each day we found a line of Haitians waiting for the clinic to open.


We treated many malnourished children and have a plan to help improve their health. We provided Family Packs containing medicines that mothers can use to treat common ailments. In the sweltering heat, in just four days, our team:



Thank you, partners, for your generous donations that allow us to provide medical care for the poorest of the poor and to reach people in remote villages with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


What a blessing to be part of providing healthcare to those who would not otherwise have it. How amazing to be part of a program that saves lives and also points people to Jesus, Who can save their souls. Thank you, Kingdom Connection Partners, for your support of the work in Haiti!