May 30, 2015

Market Place Update

The marketplace is already seeing a daily average of 115 vendors! The restaurants are doing considerably well and the retail continues to grow as key vendors move in attracting more and more customers which in turn, will attract more sellers. One building has been reserved for local farmers to create a viable farmer’s market in Mache Mirak. This will keep local customers from the need to travel to buy produce and also provide a place for farmers to sell and trade their food. Plans have the farmer’s market opening by the end of June.


In order to stimulate product quality, selection, and vendor opportunity, the market booths for small vendors will be rent-free through the end of December! Very shortly, Mache Mirak will see the opening of one of Haiti’s most popular restaurants, the largest bank chain, and a gas station. These commercial businesses will attract more customers and increase opportunities for sellers!


Mr. Choute, the manager overseeing the marketplace wrote, “Overall more than 700 direct and indirect jobs have been created in the area and we expect this number to reach 2,700 within the next two years as we attract more businesses to the market and receive the designation of duty-free zone from the Haitian government within the next two months. The outlook for Gwo Mache Mirak is strong. We want to thank you for the opportunity to run the marketplace and the even greater reward for us is the impact we are also making in the area as this area has benefited from services that [they] have never dreamed of.”


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