May 7, 2018

Imagine if you had no food for your child…

Hungry Orphans Receiving Food from Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center

Bobby Burnette, Director of Love a Child in Haiti, reported that over ninety organizations picked up food on a single day from the Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. Many children in Haiti are malnourished, and more than half of the food went to homes for orphans who needed the food desperately. “Praise the Lord for the food we were able to give out today,” said Burnette. “May God bless you for your support. Thank you!”

The Miracle Marketplace is also dramatically changing things in Haiti. This past month, a tent crusade was held in the marketplace. According to Bobby, “Heaven came down and many accepted Christ.” 

Former Haitian president Michel Martelly has scheduled a concert to be held at the marketplace later this summer. Over twenty thousand people are expected to attend, providing yet another opportunity to share Christ with thousands of Haitians.

Your support of the Miracle Marketplace and the Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center is making a significant difference in the lives of struggling people in Haiti. Thank you for your compassionate heart. Blessings to you and your family!



Thank you for making a difference and your continued support!