October 15, 2018

Hot Meals Distributed to Children in Poor Villages

Food Distribution

Hungry children in Haiti resort to desperate measures to have something to eat. Many children search for sticks to sell, or large rocks to break into smaller rocks and sell. Sadly, some children are sold by their parents to buy food for the rest of their children.

Children even eat “mud cookies” made of salt, mud and a dab of butter to stave off the pain of hunger. They have learned that eating mud and drinking water creates a feeling of fullness in their stomachs and makes the hunger pain a little easier to endure. While it keeps hunger paints at bay, often it can cause long-term health issues or even intestinal failure.

For those children, a hot meal of healthy food makes all the difference. Through your support, 272,000 meals are distributed to malnourished children in the poorest villages in Haiti each month. Instead of eating mud, these children receive the vital nutrients they need to survive.

Sharing Food

Each month, missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette share the meals they receive with 93 other organizations. These organizations have schools and orphanages filled with children who need food. “When we share what God has given us, He gives us more to share again,” said Burnette. The meals provided by Kingdom Connection reach hungry children throughout Haiti.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is filled with mothers who sell items each day to buy food for their families. At noon, all the vendors in the Marketplace stop for prayer and ask God to bless their businesses. The mothers are thankful for the Marketplace because it helps them send their children to school.

Several times a year, concerts are held at the Marketplace. At each event, we share the Gospel with the people of Haiti.

The Marketplace now has a venue that sells fresh, meat in a sanitary market. It is run by a missionary who has a background in cattle farming. He calls his business, “Farmer John’s,” and it has helped bring the Marketplace up to another level.

Better Together

Burnette says, “The Haitians have a saying: ‘You cannot eat okra with just one finger…you need the whole hand!’ We are better when we work together. Thank you, Pastor Franklin and your partners, for working with us to change Haiti!”