Haiti's children are not forgotten

March 10, 2020

Greetings from Haiti!


Thank you so much for your generous, and faithful gift of $10,000 for food for the children and families of Haiti! It means more now, than ever before.


You have probably heard about the violence and kidnappings and a lot of things going on in Haiti. It's all true. There have been so many political problems, especially the last three years. Haiti is now a Level four with the US Embassy here. Even though we now must be very careful about where we go to feed children, we are still getting food to the worst places in Haiti. 


We are not sure if you have heard this news yet, but USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) is saying that more children will die in Haiti of malnutrition than ever before. The value of the standard gourdes in Haiti against the American Dollar is 99 to 1. That means that their money is essentially worthless. They cannot afford a can of beans or a small bag of rice.


We are just letting you know because each time we receive your generous gift of $10,000 for 272,000 meals, it reminds us that Haiti's children are not forgotten. It means that you and your generous partners are giving and sacrificing to feed the poor.


These pictures are of a feeding program we had in the mountains of Gobert. There were hundreds of children, and we gave boxes of food to their parents. With all of the violence and gang activity now, we are more vigilant than ever in where we go and what time we go, but we know that God sends His Angels before us to make the way.



Thanks to you and your Kingdom Connection Partners, you are the light in the darkness to these children and their parents. Thank you so much for giving them hope and love! They all say, "Hope makes us live!"


Thank you with all our hearts,


Bobby and Sherry Burnette



Each month Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries sends 272,000 meals to Haiti. Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of death in Haiti with roughly 1 in 14 infants never seeing their 1st birthday. While we have supported numerous additional projects in Haiti over the years, sending food each month is a commitment we’ve kept for over a decade—and with your support, we can continue for years to come. Just $120 sponsors 3,240 meals!


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