Haiti Needs Your Help. Tents, Tarps, and Baby Formula Urgently Needed.

On August 14th, 2021 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti

Help Haiti


We received word that the forty-foot container of food our missionaries set out with, has made it safely through the gang-controlled neighborhood of Martissaint. This is a neighborhood heavily controlled by gangs that must be passed through to make it out of the city and to the areas in southern Haiti where the majority of the destruction from the earthquake occurred. As recently as July, some charities had to halt activity in Martissaint due to gang wars. Your prayers helped get this emergency relief through! 

The most urgent request right now is for tarps, tents, and necessities like powdered formula and diapers for babies. Haitians need essential supplies like food and shelter for hope to survive. That's why we're going above and beyond to send additional resources to Haiti during this crisis. Can you help with an emergency gift of support? 


Since 2009, with the help of partners like you, we have supported Haiti with $10,000 per month to provide 272,000 meals, medical supplies and infrastructure for times like these. But when catastrophe strikes, like this earthquake—like the earthquake of 2010, the hurricane of 2016—we have to do more! Communities impacted by this hurricane will be immediately aided by our 30,000 square foot Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. The all-terrain vehicles purchased by our partners will be used to reach people in some of the most remote villages impacted. 


Please continue praying for the people of Haiti. No damage was incurred at the 100 homes we helped build after the 2010 earthquake. The families in the Kingdom Connection Village homes are safe, and our missionaries said the orphanage and the children were not impacted. Pray for Bobby and Sherry Burnette and all of their teams on the ground in Haiti working to safely deliver emergency relief.


Help Haiti


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