August 7, 2023

"Food has become like a bar of gold...in Haiti's time of great crisis!"


We received an update from our ministry partners in Haiti! We honestly could not do this without you. 
"Dear Pastor Jentezen, It is a great miracle of thanks that we have in our hearts today!! First, thank you for the huge gift of $10,000 to sponsor a container of the Feed My Starving Children food! If ever we have been grateful for food, it is now, in Haiti's time of great crisis! You may know about the gangs that have taken over the streets, but you do not know that they have taken over "many, many" houses of the poor! The poor are sleeping under trees, with neighbors, anywhere they can! They cannot return to making a living where they used to. Food has become "like a bar of gold!"


Children, the elderly, and the sick are the ones who are suffering the most! Every day, people and organizations are begging for food, so this food container you are sponsoring will save so many lives!!!! Most of all, it shows that there is "a loving God, who looks after his poor, and hears their cries, and the cries of the widow, and God speaks to hearts like yours!
In Haiti, now, even the police are begging for food. We have never seen hunger like this since we moved to Haiti. Before, people could get to places to sell, but now, they are sleeping under trees, in shacks, in someone else's home, etc. It is truly crushing our hearts.
Thank you also for participating in that big "packing event" to pack food you and your partners sponsor! They will see that a lot of hard work is involved in feeding the hungry and what goes into every "meal!" So, thank you and your partners so much! 
May God bless every meal inside this food container you have sponsored with your wonderful partners! 
We love you, Pastor Jentezen, and your partners, We are still "Boots on the Ground," 
all our Love, Bobby, and Sherry"


Thank you for your continued partnership with this ministry, allowing us to send 272,000 meals each month to Haiti, and for your commitment to making miracles like this happen in the most unlikely places!