April 23, 2014

Food For Life – Progress Being Made

We heard from our missionaries, Bobby & Sherry, in Haiti today! They have two trucks arriving each day right now with building materials. And they continue to poor concrete foundations for the buildings in Mache Mirak – that’s the brand new, Christian Marketplace you are helping them build with your donations to our Food for Life project!

Even with the challenges they’re facing, they remain positive and hopeful in their work. Brother Burnette said:

“Our bulldozer blew an engine, our 60 fork lift gears went out and our TR-EX machine for moving our buildings broke. Other than this, it’s all going good!!”

Thank you so much for making this possible in Haiti.

We have already raised $600,000 towards our goal of $1,000,000 to fund this extraordinary project. It will be the first Christian marketplace in Haiti and the first sustainability project Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries has been a part of! We want to do more than feed them; we want to give them Food For Life! Thank you for your compassionate donations that are making Mache Mirak a reality and putting hope in the hands of Haitians.