March 5, 2014

Food For Life – Haiti Update

We’ve just sent another $190,000 to help build Mache Mirak, the Miracle Market, in Haiti! Thank you for believing in the vision of what this project will accomplish. Haitian men and women will have jobs, be trained in new skills, begin to farm and raise their own food, and ultimately give their children life!


Missionaries Bobby & Sherry Burnette recently wrote:

Ten buildings are being loaded on containers and on their way to Haiti for the Miracle Marketplace!

Holes are being dug, concrete being poured and steel being laid for the 130 pilings needed for these 10 buildings. We’re working to have all the concrete slab foundations ready by the time the buildings arrive. Pastor Jentezen, your money this month is so important to help us accomplish this!

Your heart is so big and your compassion for the poor has touched our hearts more than you will ever know. How can Sherry and I, on behalf of the Haitian people, say thank you enough? You and your partners have changed lives in Haiti forever!


Bobby & Sherry Burnette

We’re halfway to our goal of $1,000,000 to fund this extraordinary project. It will be the first Christian marketplace in Haiti and the first sustainability project Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries has been a part of! We want to do more than feed them; we want to give them Food For Life! Thank you for your compassionate donations that are making Mache Mirak a reality and putting hope in the hands of Haitians.