July 5, 2015

Exciting Opportunities at the Miracle Market

This week Sogebank, one of the largest financial chains in Haiti, had its Grand Opening at Gwo Maché Mirak, Grand Miracle Market! The bank will be so good for the economy of this area.


In addition to the bank, a meat processing plant and wholesale shop are opening. The meat processing plant is an enormous advantage for the Haitians as it will be fully enclosed, sanitary, and equipped with efficient, professional equipment to process animals bought and sold at the marketplace. Having enough protein in the diet of Haitians is a struggle.


The wholesale opportunity will allow vendors in the marketplace to choose from a larger selection of products at a lower price. This will increase their profit while lowering the cost to customers. The lower cost and improved profit, as well as product selection) will only drive more vendors and clients to the Miracle Market! It’s a win-win for everyone!