August 1, 2015

Dieudonne’s Story

“My name is Dieudonne Jean Paul. Dieudonne means a gift from God!

I am very happy to write this story about my life at Mache Mirak. Why? Because no one has ever seen a marketplace like this in Haiti. The marketplaces in Haiti, all over, are dirty . . . they have pigs and rats and flies and filth. Mache Mirak is clean!

I have four children, no husband. I am selling cosmetic products. That’s what I do to help my children and put them in school. I have been selling since I was nine years old. I live in Croix des Bouquet, which is one hour away. I don’t like the Croix des Bouquet market because there are gangsters. They come to shoot all the time in that marketplace.

We love Miracle Market because God gave it to us. We pray everyday at 12:00 noon. We pray for our business and thank God for everything. Then, we pray for Pastor Jentezen and Pastor Bobby and Madame Sherry (our missionaries). We want to believe God for a big wholesale place in the Market too, that we can buy things cheaper. We just LOVE Miracle Market! Thank you so much, Pastor Jentezen!”

Madame Dieudonne, Jean Paul