As Life in Haiti Becomes More Difficult, Outreach Increases

January 16, 2019

The dry season is hitting Haiti hard this year. Crops are dying from the lack of rain, making food scarce. On top of this, the Haitian unit of currency (the gourde) has dropped in value, now worth only about one penny in American funds. In a country already dealing with widespread hunger, the situation is becoming even more dire.


Children continue to eat “mud cookies” to try and stave off the pain of hunger. Tragically, many children die from undigested dirt in their stomachs. It’s difficult to imagine what it must feel like for a child to be malnourished enough to eat mud, but it happens every day in Haiti.


In these perilous times, efforts are increasing to reach even more remote and poverty-stricken villages with nutritious, life-saving meals.


Bobby Burnette said, “We have begun another feeding program in Lartibonite, a very poor area of Haiti. We are also reaching out to Gobert, another destitute village located high in the mountains, to determine how to deliver food there.” Reaching Gobert is extremely difficult, requiring a challenging drive in a four-wheel-drive vehicle, followed by an arduous four-hour walk. It’s an extremely difficult journey, but one that can save the lives of starving children.


Each month Kingdom Connection Partners faitfully provide 272,000 meals to those in desperate need in Haiti.


“If the children could see you in person, they would say thank you with all their hearts for the food that helps them survive,” said Bobby. “God bless you, Pastor Jentezen, and all your Kingdom Connection Partners!”


Your compassion for the hungry children in Haiti is making an incalculable impact. Lives are being saved. God’s love is being shared. God bless you for what you are doing!