Angels of God Deliver Food!

March 15, 2019

“Thinking about life.”


That is the answer Wanclesse gave missionaries Bobby & Sherry Burnette when asked how he spends his time. Playing ball, reading, going to school, swimming … those are things one would expect almost any 7 year old to answer. But high in the mountains of Haiti the children don’t go to school. They don’t have the luxury of learning to read, and much of the time are too weak and malnourished to find the strength to run and play the way we see children interact here at home.


Wanclesse says, “When my plate is empty, my heart is sad.” It is bad enough that his bed is a dry mat on the hard, bare ground—but lying there hungry is more than he can take.


This story is one of many, many children who live in the area called Malfont. While there are few jobs in Haiti that provide a regular paycheck, there are NO jobs in Malfont. The soil is so poor the gardens yield very little. The children often help their parents look for wood they can turn into charcoal and attempt to travel and sell. But like Wanclesse and his four siblings, the little they manage to make doesn’t go very far and they see very little hope for their future …


Until now!


Malfont is one of the villages in the mountains of Haiti where Kingdom Connection wants to continue regular distribution of food!


Reaching Malfont is not easy and the boxes of food have to be delivered on foot into the village. Upon seeing the volunteers arrive with food the first time, Wanclesse said, “It looked like angles of God sent us this food!”


Each month, like clockwork, the food sponsored by Jentezen Franklin’s Connection Partners arrives in Haiti. The food arrives from the states in shipping containers, then goes through all the “Haitian hands” at the wharf, and is finally transported to the Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. From there, the food is distributed to over 5,000 children in schools daily, to eleven very poor villages, and also to many other missionary organizations and orphanages.


The ONLY way we can continue to meet the desperate need of seemingly forgotten children like Wanclesse is with the help and support of partners like you. Great is your reward!


May God continue to bless you with the Seven Supernatural Blessings of Psalms 41:1-3!


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