February 4, 2022

An Update from Haiti + Urgent Prayer Request

A note from Haiti:

Thank you for the rice, beans and cooking oil! Praise the Lord! Pictured is a large storage room where we just unloaded your food on Sunday [January 30th, 2022], and are already giving it out!


We wired $47,000 of your money for food last Friday. Today we wired $37,000 more for food! I'm so excited! I just received a phone call from Hubert who works with us overseeing the food and Gabion houses. He said all the prisoners are starving to death in our area of south Haiti. Starting tomorrow we will be cooking and giving all the prisoners two hot meals a day! We will try to send pictures soon.


The area has now been hit by a huge flood … so soon after the earthquake. Sherry and I cannot get there yet because of the gang between us and south Haiti. But the good news is, on Tuesday the government of Haiti will supply us with a U.N. helicopter to take us there for 4 days and bring us back! [There are no gangs in south Haiti, just in the area that has to be passed through to get there.]


Please pray for our divine protection.




URGENT: Bobby and Sherry also let us know they had been warned by the U.S. embassy, and confirmed with additional resources, that a critical threat has been made: The 400 Mawozo gang plans to kidnap them very soon. They were advised to leave Haiti immediately. The threat comes from the same gang that kidnapped the 17 missionaries. As of the time we heard from them, they do not plan on fleeing Haiti. Rather, they plan to be in south Haiti next week feeding the poor and building Gabion houses. Bobby said, “If we left tomorrow, when do we return? One week, one month, the gang will still be here … Jesus has given us peace to work for Him.” 


Please pray for Haiti. Pray for protection for Love-A-Child, Bobby & Sherry, and all of those they serve and serve with. Your partnership and support helps save countless lives in Haiti by providing hot meals and nutritious food. Those there on the ground doing the work of delivering the food and supplies to Haiti's most desperate children and families face challenges every day that we can hardly begin to imagine.  Thank you for your generosity and compassion.