Freedom House

June 17, 2019

Women's Veterans' Home Testimony | Valette Moore

The Women's Veterans’ Home is a ministry of Dream Center’s Freedom House which opened in May of 2018. These veterans are connecting to the life-changing resources there to get off the streets, find employment, and even go back to school to further their education! Without the support of the home, these opportunities would be out of reach for these brave women. Here is one recent success story.


My life before the Dream Center was dark. I completed two years of college and then joined the Army Reserves. My future from then on seemed to take a turn for the worse. No matter what I did, or how hard I tried, I was constantly burned. After my discharge, I came home to start a new life. I jumped from job to job and home to home. Eventually, I had nowhere to go other than the streets. Finding myself cold and alone, I cried out to God day and night to help me. He heard my cry, summoned his angels, and sent them my way.



As time passed on, I had a child and raised her on my own. I stayed close to God and prayed that she would never be alone.  Now she's all grown up, and I'm in the same boat. Having nowhere to live. It's been very hard to cope.


I ended up on Skid Row, and it was a nightmare for me as I was in and out of women's shelters for quite some time. I called the Dream Center Veterans Program, and they made room for me.


Since I’ve been at the Dream Center, I have a beautiful room, hot food, and great friends. I feel that now my path is true, even though I'm not sure what the Lord might lead me to do. I have a full-time job and soon will be able to put money away so that I can plan for a better future and buy my own house someday. If I didn’t come to the Dream Center, I would still be homeless.



I would like to thank the Dream Center for opening their doors to me. I no longer have the anxiety of thinking if tonight will be the night I get sexually assaulted or murdered. I would like to thank you, Pastor Jentezen Franklin, for remembering the forgotten. I now know one thing, that will never happen again. I will never be HOMELESS. Thank you, Jesus! AMEN!


I now see His Light shining brightly upon me.

-Valette Moore


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