Freedom House

January 16, 2019

Dream Center Adds Service Animal Program

After working as part of a team committed to a specific purpose, veterans often find civilian life empty or meaningless. The Dream Center creates an environment of faith and serving that helps veterans discover their God-given purpose. At the Dream Center, veterans are supported spiritually, equipped to serve others. They find meaning and purpose by serving God and serving people who need their help.


According to Anthony Worley, director of the Transitional Program for Homeless Veterans, the Dream Center is developing some new and exciting collaborations with non-profits around Los Angeles. One exciting addition is an opportunity for veterans to learn to train service animals for other veterans in need. “We have already started by obtaining our own service animal for the program. This dog will be trained as a therapy dog for the residents,” said Worley.


In addition, the Dream Center is collaborating with a non-profit to give veterans the opportunity to work on building projects in the Los Angeles area. This work is a win-win, benefiting both the veterans and the community. 


The transition from military to civilian life is difficult. For some veterans, it is overwhelming, leading to poverty, depression, or homelessness. Those who have served in our armed forces are heroes. They risked their lives and sacrificed much to defend our freedom. When they come home, they deserve a helping hand to get their lives back on track.


In 2018, because of your support as Kingdom Connection partners, we were able to launch the Freedom House Women’s Veteran’s Home. Not only is it a place for these women to call home but an opportunity to minister to the needs of each individual.


Thank you for providing that helping hand. Your compassion and generosity changes the life not only of a veteran, but also their family and their community for generations to come. God bless you for having a heart for veterans in need!