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Dream Center Testimony | Ricardo Toledo

April 13, 2019

Because of your monthly giving we are able to provide hope and healing through the love of Jesus Christ to those like Ricardo. Here is his testimony of the life-changing work being done at the Dream Center:


My life before the Dream Center I was struggling with a 16-year meth addiction, homeless and living on the streets of Skid Row. Every day I would wake-up and go from tent to tent trying to trade stolen items for drugs. I would show up at my parents’ house unannounced and steal from them. Eventually they got tired of making excuses for me stealing from them and told me I was no longer welcomed at their home. Realizing that I had burned every bridge, I decided to go to rehab. After relapsing twice at another program, I was discharged, and the Dream Center was recommended.


Since I’ve been at the Dream Center, I am learning how to live a sober life. I no longer base my day around looking for my next fix; instead I am learning how to deal with my problems rather than running from them. The family that once closed their door on me, now welcomes me with open arms. If I did not come to the Dream Center I would be still living homeless on the streets in Skid Row or dead.




I would like to say thank you.  It is because of your charitable contribution that I get to live a life of sobriety. This is the longest I’ve ever been sober. I now have a community of people who genuinely want to see me succeed. I now have a life that I am proud of and will forever be grateful for having my family fully restored.


My mom no longer worries if I’m alive or dead.  

-Ricardo Toledo




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