Freedom House

August 14, 2018

Women Veterans Find Help and Healing at the Dream Center’s Freedom House


The transition from military life to civilian life is challenging for most; for some, it is nearly impossible without some time and space to regroup and rediscover their purpose. Freedom House provides that time and space, and also pours the love of Jesus into the lives of returning veterans.


At Freedom House, veterans receive the help they need to return to productive civilian life. More importantly, veterans are challenged and empowered to become the people God called them to be.


Freedom House has only been open for a few months, but it is already making a difference:

Within the first month, one woman was connected to resources that made permanent housing available her, and she was quickly able to move to her apartment.

Also within the first month, a woman named Cecilia with two small children, one with physical disability challenges, was connected to a resource that enabled her to move into a two-bedroom home.

Six women and one child are currently in the program. Two of those women have now found full-time employment. One has been able to get badly-needed medical treatment. 


Freedom House provides more than just a place to stay—the program ministers to the needs of each individual. Assistance is available with job placement, enrollment in available financial resources, medical care, or personal counseling—whatever is needed. In addition, residents are required to attend church and Bible study each week and to do volunteer work.


All of this happens in an atmosphere of Christian faith, based on the strong belief that the love Jesus Christ is what puts a broken life back together.


Your support is having more impact than you know. Lives are being changed, families and relationships are being mended, and people are finding their way to Jesus because of your generosity and faithfulness. God bless you for all you do.