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Study Shows Veterans at Higher Risk of Suicide

November 14, 2018

Studies show veterans are more likely to commit suicide than the general population, with one study estimating the rate as much as 61% higher. This tragic situation cannot be ignored. Veterans’ lives—and their very souls—depend on people stepping up to serve those who served our country.

The Dream Center reaches out to meet veterans at their point of need. They provide a personal assessment of each veteran enrolled in the program and develop a plan to uniquely impact each individual’s situation. They focus on treating the whole person, not just their symptoms or behaviors. And they consistently point to Jesus Christ as the source of a purposeful life.

The Dream Center recently surveyed fifty veterans who had been successfully discharged from the program. The results speak for themselves:

•    79% developed better social relationships and communication skills.
•    80% felt more hopeful and optimistic about their futures.
•    47% went from homelessness to permanent housing or a more stable living environment.
•    68% experienced improved mental and emotional health.
•    40% obtained full-time or part-time employment.

Struggling veterans desperately need the luxury of time to regroup, and the blessing of someone shining the light of Christ into their darkest moments. Your support of the Dream Center makes this possible. 

Since the opening of the Women’s Veteran Home in May of this year the home has had 10 women in total enter the program in which two have already found and moved into permanent housing through connecting to resources they were able to obtain while at the Dream Center. Women living in the home are given the opportunity to create a sense of fellowship and an intimate relationship with God. They are being provided with a new sense of hope and purpose as they are able to rediscover who they are in Christ to face the challenges of their past and give them a hope for their future. 

Because of your generosity, veterans dealing with poverty, homelessness, addiction, or trauma find their purpose in Jesus. Thank you for extending a lifeline to those who have served our country.