Daily Devotion

January 10, 2019

Your Children Need Your Time

“Suffer the little children to come unto me.” Mk 10:14

Can you imagine how these children felt when Jesus rebuked His own disciples for pushing them away, and said, “Come unto me”? How many destinies were changed that day because He loved these little ones and took time for them? He gave them something every child needs and deserves—self-worth and the dignity of their own thoughts and opinions. When you listen to me, it means that what I say matters. And more importantly, I matter to you. After years spent hearing words like, “Don’t bother me…Shut up!…I don’t have time,” something important in a child begins to die—creativity and confidence. Can you imagine facing life without those qualities? You say, “But I’m so busy.” That may be so, but you’re certainly not busier than Jesus, and He made time for children. Parent, are you listening? The pressure is on. Today many children commit adult crimes. And, generally speaking, when we study them we find that because they never learned how to express their emotions in constructive ways, they ended up behaving destructively. As a child he took a hammer and pounded his toy to pieces; now as a man he drives his fist through a wall. His shirt size has changed, but the messages inside his head are still the same—nobody listens, nobody understands, nobody cares. This is serious business. If you think we’re making too much out of too little—think again. Rearrange the priorities in your home. Do it right and you’ll live with wonderful memories. Do it wrong and you’ll live with regrets.