Daily Devotion

April 22, 2024

Victory Has A Voice

“Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ…in every place.” 2 Corinthians 2:14


When King Ahab of Israel began to use his voice to proclaim the victory, the battle started to turn. These stories were written for us to learn from them. The Bible shows us how to react to adversity. The scriptures show us that victory has a voice. If you are in a bad place today and you are barely hanging on, remember that it doesn’t matter what happens to you because God has secured the victory. Jesus went on the cross and defeated sin and death, and He is with you and your family today. The enemy can try to wreak havoc as much as he wants, but Jesus has already won! You need to start using your words to declare that victory.


Even in nature we see that animals “celebrate” with a voice of victory. When two male elephants fight for a female, the winner will blow his trumpet in victory. When a lion defends his family against a threat and wins, he will let out a victorious roar that can be heard for miles. Even a little rabbit will do what’s called a “binky,” where he jumps up and kicks when he gets away from his enemy. Even nature tells you that victory has a voice.


The worst that the enemy can do is to terrify you with the fear of death, but he cannot threaten you with Heaven. If you die, it is just a shortcut to Heaven, and nothing can ever separate you from the love of God. Death will be “swallowed up” in victory. If Jesus can conquer death, He can conquer anything. You have nothing to fear.


God has promised to work everything together for your good- not just the good things and the pleasant things, but all things. When you are making a cake, you may taste the individual salt, eggs, and the baking soda and think, “I don’t like cake; this tastes horrible.” But the reason that it is not good is because it is not together yet. You are only tasting the saltiness without the sweetness. But when you put it all together, it works. You may not see now how the low times in your life “taste good,” but one day, you will look back, and they will all make sense. 


You may be in a storm of life today, and you are feeling like you are about to throw in the towel but God wants you to know that victory has a voice! Don’t give up. Believe in His goodness and speak life! Praise Him through the suffering and brokenness. Let joy, peace, purpose, and victory start flowing out of your mouth. In His presence is fullness of joy. You are on a winning team, and you should walk and talk like it. The winning team is always the loudest team. Control the narrative of your life and give victory a voice by declaring that Jesus is with you and all things are working out for your good!


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