Daily Devotion

Using Your Influence (2)

March 10, 2014

God wants you to dream BIG. But if you have a dream, a desire, and a vision for your life, it is not about you alone. Just like Joseph of Arimathea, we are called to use our abilities and influence to share Jesus Christ with those around us.

God gives you a business, talent, and success to enhance, bless and provide a place for the Body of Christ in your city. To neglect that place is to neglect Jesus … and your purpose for being on this planet. We exist and live to bring glory to God.

Creating a place for the Body of Christ was no easy task for Arimathea. The tomb was a cave hewn out of dirt and stone. The job took hours and hours. They literally had to “chip away” at it. It is the same idea when you take on the job of creating a place for the Body of Christ in your city. Ministry can be hard work, but it is worth the effort.

Providing a place for the Body of Christ requires commitment week after week — teaching Sunday school, greeting visitors, inviting guests, praying for the lost, and so much more. Building a place in the community for the Body of Christ takes blood, sweat, and tears.

It not only takes muscle to provide a place, it takes heart. Joseph provided a place where both Mary, the mother of Christ, was comfortable coming as well as the Mary, who was a former prostitute and filled with demons. When you help provide a place for the Body of Christ, people of every status of life will feel welcome. They can come no matter what their past and find hope for their future in the resurrection!