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Try to be more patient

December 28, 2016

“Be patient with all.” 1Th 5:14 NKJV

You’ve probably heard the joke about the lady who prayed, “Lord, give me patience; and I want it right now!” That’s not so funny when it reflects how you live. If you get annoyed at having to wait for anything, your impatience can hurt you. The only person who has the power to make things happen the way He wants them to, is God. But even He is gracious, and respects our will and waits for us to get in line with His will. And since we’re not God, think how foolish it is to become upset with the grocery store checker, the bank teller, or the slow driver who doesn’t move at warp speed. Jesus said, “By your patience possess your souls” (Lk 21:19 NKJV). Here the word souls refers to our emotions. Jesus is saying, “Take control of your emotions and show a Christlike attitude.” Your ability to handle delays, disappointments, and detours will determine your level of joy and peace. When you discover that you cannot control what’s going on around you, decide to control what’s going on within you. Overcoming impatience involves three things: (1) Admitting you have the problem. As long as you rationalize and justify your attitude, you won’t grow. (2). A commitment to allow the Holy Spirit to produce patience in you. Patience doesn’t come by making New Year’s resolutions or counting to ten; it’s the “fruit” of the Spirit, and it grows with your cooperation (See Gal 5:22). (3) A decision to “be in the moment,” rather than obsessing over what must happen next.


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account_circle Mark Olsen

When Christ saw the blind man on the side of the road, He said to him, "What do you want of me?" Clearly, Christ knew the man was blind and wanted (needed) to see. What was happening, then, that Jesus asked the question? I believe it was because the man needed to know he was in control of the request, and then he needed to know Christ was in control of the answer - the outcome. We need an answer and a result, yet, we must at times seem either demanding or spoiled - "Daddy, give it to me now." I am so glad He loves me so much He waits out the question - He wants me to say, "Daddy, I'm hurting, but I am so scared and have hurt so long - what do you, Dad, want me to do? Just tell me, and I'll do it." Christ has so much compassion - such deep mercy - such profound strength. Thank You, Lord, that You do not think at all like men. Thank You, Lord, that I get to call you, "Dad" - that I get to come into Your throne room even though I know I smell of the stench of sin. I'm so glad - full of joy - that you love me that much, Daddy.

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