Daily Devotion

July 12, 2014


“Walk in wisdom…redeeming the time.” Col 4:5 NKJV

Nothing is more costly than wasted time. Every minute lost is gone forever. Today we have more time-saving devices than any other generation, yet we seem to have less time. To get control of your life you must first get control of your time. That means redirecting each lost minute toward a worthy purpose. We all have things we want to do, plan to do, and feel bad about not doing. Understand this: the difference in who you are right now and the person you’ll be ten years from now, will largely be determined by your relationships and your reading habits. And the first book you should read is your Bible, the world’s greatest wisdom manual. Here’s a suggestion that will help you: instead of having an “all or nothing” attitude to Bible reading, seize your “in between time.” You’ll be amazed how the wasted minutes in each day and week add up to hours of productive time. J. Oswald Sanders gives us three great insights: (1) Stop leaks. Let us not consider our day only in terms of hours, but in smaller areas of time. If we look after the minutes, the hours will look after themselves. (2) Set priorities. Much time is spent on things of only secondary importance. We give such undue attention to petty details that matters of major importance are squeezed out. This is especially so where spiritual things are concerned. (3) Start planning. Without a plan we all tend to drift. So in the attitude of prayer, ask, “How can I best plan today?” Buy up the spare minutes as eagerly as a miser hoards money.