Daily Devotions

Stop Procrastinating and Do It!

October 16, 2018

“Another said, ‘I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say good-by to my family.’” Lk 9:61 NIV

When you squander or lose your money, there’s a chance you can get it back. But not when you squander or lose your time. One of the saddest stories in Scripture is found in these words: “Another said, ‘I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say good-by to my family.’” But nowhere is it recorded that he followed Jesus. And procrastination and perfectionism go hand in hand. We say, “If I can’t do it right, I won’t do it at all!” No, before you get it right you’ll probably get it wrong. In every story of success there are chapters of struggle, but they are chapters of learning and growth. A study was done at Yale University. Graduating seniors were told of the dangers of tetanus and given the opportunity to get a free inoculation at the health center. While a majority of the students were convinced they needed the shot, guess how many followed through and got the vaccine? Three percent! Another group was given the same lecture, but also given a copy of the campus map with the location of the health center circled on it. They were then asked to look at their weekly schedules and figure out when they could find time to get the shot. Guess what? Nine times as many students got inoculated. Good intentions aren’t enough. You need to make the call, or make the move. You need to set the deadline, or set the appointment. “Today” is the tomorrow you were talking about yesterday. So stop procrastinating and do it.


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account_circle Joe Santos

Praying with new followers of Jesus along with having a follow up conversation concerning out meeting. Praying over the scriptures that I am giving along with showing them where to begin adds to the conversation when I follow up. Making sure they take a look at there schedule mentally at that moment of prayer with "when can you read this and listen to hear what God is speaking to you". Then the follow up is more impactful. I can also speak with them on specifics on what to do next and how to get involved in Next Steps, Discipleships and invite them to my small group or others that best fits them. Praying about there purpose and explaining the gift they are to the body. Letting them now that God does love them and it is Jesus living through us that show Gods love.

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