Daily Devotion

May 12, 2022

Keep your conscience clear

“I always try to maintain a clear conscience before God and all people.” Ac 24:16 NLT


It’s been said that our conscience was given to us after the fall of mankind in the garden of Eden. In other words, our desire to know the difference between good and evil was granted through the mechanism God placed within us known as a conscience. So we must not ignore its promptings, silence its voice, or allow it to become calloused, because it’s a built-in warning system that protects us from danger and harm. That means you shouldn’t be troubled when your conscience bothers you; you should be troubled when it doesn’t. Here are ten principles for keeping your conscience clear: (1) Always pay attention to the inner nudging that makes you stop and question your decisions. (2) Think of your conscience as a God-given filter that helps keep your heart pure. (3) Examine your motives in all “giving” situations. (4) If you think you may have hurt someone’s feelings, ask for forgiveness. (5) Invite God to examine your heart and reveal changes that need to be made in your attitudes and actions. (6) To the best of your ability, don’t knowingly involve yourself in compromising situations. (7) Consider others first, and honor them with your words and actions. (8) Remember that your conscience is your moral compass. (9) Establish ethical guidelines in all your business dealings. (10) When a thought leaves you feeling unsettled, take time to pray and talk about it with someone you trust. The word for you today is–always maintain a clear conscience before God.