Daily Devotions

How Big is Your God?

February 14, 2019

“The battle is the Lord’s…he will give you into our hands.” 1Sa 17:47

How you handle life depends on how big you believe God is. If He’s too small: (1) You’ll live in constant anxiety thinking everything depends on you. (2) Your outlook will be dictated by your surroundings—or worse, your critics. (3) Without the acceptance of a loving God you’ll be a slave to people’s opinions. (4) You’ll constantly crave recognition because you don’t understand that “your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you” (Mt 6:4 NAS). Author John Ortberg says that when we make the mistake of shrinking God, we “offer prayer without faith, work without passion, service without joy, and suffering without hope—which results in fear, retreat, loss of vision, and failure to persevere.” When Goliath threatened the Israelites, “they were dismayed and greatly afraid” (1Sa 17:11 NRS). They didn’t think their God was big enough for the job. But not David! “Let no one’s heart fail…your servant will…fight…this Philistine. The Lord…who saved me from…the lion and…bear, will [save us now]” (1Sa 17:32, 37 NRS). You can face anything when you know what David knew—“the battle is the Lord’s.” And He’s never lost one yet! So you don’t have to depend on your own resources. David may have felt small, but he knew his God was big enough for the job. Do you know that? Eighteenth-century Anglican clergyman John Newton said, “If the Lord be with us we have no cause for fear. His eye is upon us, His arm over us, His ear open to our prayer, His grace sufficient, [and] His promises unchangeable.” It all depends on how big your God is!


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account_circle Jylina Edwards

So true.

account_circle Omotayo Isaac

Thank you sir.

account_circle Sharon Laine

In 2016 my marriage went through a Season, or, as I like to call it a “transformation”. God, in His infinite wisdom knew it wouldn’t take long for Him to take what needed to be mended in my heart and mind for me to become the wife He had designed for me to be! But He also knew there would be “pain” and plenty of it! Being a Christian I knew He was with me every step of the way, holding my hands but that still didn’t stop the “sting” from having my heart broken and my world torn apart as I knew it! I knew enough that once someone has their heart sat on something, there isn’t but one thing that can change the way they think and feel no matter what, and that one thing was God almighty! So, instead of trying to fight my own battles, one day I just told the Lord “okay, this one is bigger then me! I give up and give it all to You”! This is Your battle now, You take it “! I knew I wasn’t dealing with “flesh” any longer, it was the spiritual rims of Heaven I was up against! I knew for me, it was a “loosing battle”! So, I just trusted God with EVERYTHING and surrendered it all to Him! But that didn’t mean that “hurt”, the “pain” was gone! After fourteen years of marriage you can’t just swipe it under the rug and hope it all will go away and you will be done with it, it doesn’t work that away! So, about three long and very painful months, my suffering finally came to an end! I know my God is BIG because He brought me through some of the worst times of my life and I owe Him so much for the restoration of my marriage and for bringing my Prodical back home to me! As I stood on the Pier 60 bridge in Clearwater, Florida crying uncontrollably contemplating what I was to do with my life, how I was going to start my life anew all by myself, a very strong and deconcerning voice said to me, “STOP THOSE TEARS, I’m NOT DONE YET “, I knew my Lord was with me working “behind the scenes” for me and my husband was coming home! So NO ONE on earth can tell me our God isn’t real, isn’t BIG!

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