Daily Devotion

November 17, 2016

God’s got your back!

“God…will be your rear guard.”                             Isa 52:12 NKJV

Not only does God go ahead of you, the Bible says He’s “your rear guard.” One author writes: “In Israelite campaigns into the wilderness and across the Promised Land, soldiers had a vanguard and a rear guard. The vanguard was comprised of scouts who went ahead to explore…and suggest a plan to move forward. The rear guard stayed behind to pick up the pieces and insure they didn’t leave anything valuable behind…God is my rear guard…I keep moving along, like you do, sometimes living at too fast a pace, and doing things incompletely. But God follows up and finishes what I’ve done in a halfway measure…If you were to look back, how many tasks would you find incomplete because the urgency of some new task called you away before the first one was finished? If you’ve done your best, God will do the rest! I’ve talked to parents about their teenagers. They said, ‘If only we had…’ and I gently remind them they did their best. Now they must trust the rear-guard action of God to finish the job, pick up the broken pieces, and mend them into something wonderful and beautiful.” Has God given you a job to do? “Fix your eyes on what lies before you” right now, not six or twelve months hence. “Don’t get sidetracked” (Pr 4:27 NLT). That’s particularly challenging in an age of so many distractions. Remember, the strength of the Sender is more important than the strength of the one being sent. The word for you today is: God’s got your back!