Daily Devotion

June 15, 2024

Everything Changes

“Nothing, you see, is impossible with God.” And Mary said, Yes, I see it all now: I’m the Lord’s maid, ready to serve. Let it be with me just as you say. Then the angel left her.” Luke 1:37-38 (NLT)


In Luke 1, the angel told Mary that nothing was impossible with God. And Mary said, “Yes, I see it now. Let it be unto me.” I see it now. Notice that her focus changed. Afterward, she started singing songs, dancing, and rejoicing. Nothing had changed except her perspective. “I see it now.” She went from confusion to celebration. Not only that, but in Luke 1:58, the Bible says that when her attitude changed, her relatives, her friends, and her neighbors began to celebrate, too. Did you know you can be a contagious carrier of joy? When you shift your focus off negative things and onto Jesus, the people in your world will notice.  


In Matthew 1, the angels told Joseph, “This is of the Holy Spirit. Take her to be your wife.” And instantly, when he changed his focus, his emotions changed. He went from being hurt and torn up inside to realizing, “God really does have a plan for my life. It’s bigger and better than what I planned. I just planned to be a little country boy from Nazareth. I planned to marry a little girl, and we’d just hold hands under the olive tree. Nobody would ever know us, and I’d work a minimal job, and we would just get by. But God had a much grander plan for my life.”


If God messes up your plans, it’s because He’s got a bigger plan. He’s got a better plan. He’s got a joy ahead of you like you wouldn’t believe. You have to turn your focus off your pain and redirect it to God’s plan and promise.  


In Luke 2, the shepherds are all panicked, terrified, and shaking in their boots when suddenly, there is a concert of music in the sky. When they see the child, they start praising and singing. 


Praise is the antidote for pain. Worship is the antidote for worry. In every situation, you have a choice. If you focus on Him, He will turn your panic into a party and your fear into faith. The enemy cannot do anything that God can’t make work out for you if you just place it in His hands.  


The wise men were exhausted and stressed out. But when the star guided them to Bethlehem and they saw the child, instantly, all their fatigue was gone. All the stress and exhaustion disappeared in the presence of Jesus. When you change your focus, it will change your feelings and outlook. You will see things in a different light, and suddenly, things that once seemed like a burden will seem like a privilege. Life can go from drudgery to an exciting adventure when you make Jesus your focus.


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