Daily Devotions

Day 1 | Fasting

January 8, 2017

Excerpted from Jentezen Franklin's 21-Day Fasting Bible Study

It all starts here, and I want to congratulate you for embarking on such a daring adventure. For many, the first three days of a 21-day fast are the hardest. Day one is filled with excitement and enthusiasm, but that can wane when lunch time comes and the hunger pangs begin to kick in. That is why the most important lesson to LEARN, if this is your first time, or REMEMBER, if you are a veteran faster, is that this is not just a PHYSICAL challenge. It is a SPIRITUAL journey. This battle will go on day after day, and each day you will be confronted with a choice for where you will place your focus. Will you focus on your physical hunger or on your spiritual thirst?


The theme for week one is Your First Love. What does this mean exactly? A quick study of the different commentaries seems to agree on one central issue as it relates to those who have lost their first love. That issue is a shift in focus, attention and intense love for Jesus. If you remember, when confronted by the Pharisees in Matthew 22, Jesus was asked to identify the greatest commandment. He responded, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” (vs 37).


FOCUS. This is where our journey begins. If you are like most people you are right in the middle of about five things that are continually demanding your attention. Satan is the master distractor, and he knows exactly which string to tug to get you to stop everything you are doing and jump through a hoop. But as you fast, allow each hunger pang and each thought of food to be a reminder to shift your focus back to the Lord rather than a distraction from your purpose. He is your Living Bread.


Think About it

  1. What has your relationship with Jesus been like over the last year? What factors during the year played in role in your relationship with Jesus being where it is today?

  2. What would it take for this relationship to be closer to ideal?

  3. Are you willing to create space in each day over the next 21 days for time alone with your Savior? Are you willing to make these moments of consecration a priority? If yes, what is your plan?


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account_circle Glenn Lilly Dba Shenandoah Roofing

I've been trying to fast over the last few months but with limited success. I am hoping that this time will be much better. I have been all on my own with the help of watching videos on Youtube. I would love to have a fasting sponsor or partner if there are any around. I want ot tule over my flesh and become more connected to God. I need help.


Lord, I commit myself to place you first in my life always. even when I am weak and tired give me the strength to find time to read your word daily and spend time in prayer and worship. In Jesus name I pray. Amen! Give me the grace to return to my first love.

account_circle Chris

Glad to be a part of this fast as i lost focus.The questions at the end of the daily devotions are like compasses to me and I am thankful as I am using them to guide my prayers during this time. I will be VICTORIOUS

account_circle Darline Smith

I am so ready for this fast I need more of God in my life I need more of God in my mind and heart and soul. And I also need to physically get my self in line. Thank you Holy Spirit you are amazing for leading me to this fast

account_circle Shelly Jackson

Praise God Forevermore! I'm Trusting and Standing on the Promises of God only because of the blood of Jesus!


To: Karen Williams I know exactly how you feel and appreciate your honesty about your spiritual journey. I believe and pray that God will bless you for going against the grain to seek his face.


11 years ago, I decided to join with this ministry in fasting. It was the first time I had done a fast of the magnitude. I experienced the power of God like I had never experienced it before. I am looking for an even greater manifestation of his His power upon completing this one.

account_circle Dr. Rich Rogers | Free Chapel Pastor

So excited to be fasting and blogging with each of you throughout the 2017 fast! Looking forward to reading your comments and responding from time to time. Please know you are prayed for and that we are very aware that we share a very special connectedness with all of you all over the world during this God appointed 21 days.


My name is Christopher McGraw. I'm a member of Calvary Baptist church in Hixson, tn. I've fasted before and seen the miracles that come from it. I'm half way through with pastor Franklin's book on fasting. He's the reason I've made this commitment. Please pray for and with me because I've never gone more than 5 days before. I hope that I'm successful. I'll be praying for your church and pastor as well.

account_circle Monchita Davis

I'm so excited about this 2017 Fasting... I know there is a God and I know He Loves Me...

account_circle Sidney Brantley

This will be our 12 Daniel fast.

account_circle Travis Johnson

I am really excited about this FAST. I am expecting GREAT things and THANKFUL to God for the STRENGTH that he will provide. I am claiming VICTORY. In Jesus Name


Looking forward to this fast

account_circle Denise Garner

1. My relationship with Christ has grown more intimate. I contribute this factor to committing to regular praying and fasting throughout the year. This required setting time aside each day to get in his presence. Seeking him before making any decision. I have seen him move in family members lives because of my desire to draw closer to him. I have more peace and contentment as a result of this commitment. 2. I believe I need to remove distractions such as television from my daily routine. Spend time sitting quietly and journaling what God speaks to me. Once I hear from him it would be ideal for me to obey accordingly without question. Trust him remembering that his thoughts are good towards me. I am willing to commit the next 21 days for time alone with my Savior. My plan is to fast from 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day. I will eat no meat or added sugar. Prepare some of the suggested recipes weekly. I will pray at 4:00 AM, do the praying hands at 6:45AM, read scripture and pray at 11AM, do praying hands prayer at 11:45AM pray and read scripture at 4:00 PM, I will read devotional at 9:00 PM, and do praying hands at 9:30 PM. Drink plenty of water. Journaling during prayer times, especially at end of day gratitude notes regarding the day.


So glad I joined this fast


As I embark upon this 21 day fast, my desire is that I would have a closer relationship with my Savior. I also desire that my children have a closer relationship with God, that they would fall in love with Him and serve Him, that strongholds would be broken in their lives. My desire a is that we can make a difference in the life of someone that may not know God.

account_circle Carlos and Carolina Frias

Praise God!


I am looking forward to re revelations from the Lord.


I am excited that I am actually excited about fasting. For years I dreaded, hated, and even refused to do it (anymore), or tried and failed. Today I have joy, even though my flesh feels weak. I want to connect with God in ways I can't imagine. I am entering this fast by faith that He will help me to go through it, and truly see the benefits of fasting this time.

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