Daily Devotion

October 2, 2017

Be a peacemaker

“Blessed are the peacemakers.” Mt 5:9 NIV

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar told of a little guy who was confronted by three big bullies, any one of whom could have flattened him. And clearly, that’s what they had in mind. But the little guy was very bright. He backed away, drew a line in the dirt, backed up a few more steps, looked into the eyes of the biggest bully and said, “I dare you to step across that line!” The guy did. Then the little boy grinned and said, “Good, now we’re both on the same side!” When you find yourself in the midst of conflict, you can decide to do one of two things: become a troublemaker or a peacemaker. You can add to the stress or try to bring a solution. Peacemakers look for common ground and try to get everyone onto it. Their goal is to find a win-win solution. Barnabas, whose name means “Son of Consolation,” stood up for the newly-converted Saul of Tarsus. The leaders of the church felt threatened by him, and you could hardly blame them. But Barnabas wasn’t thinking about Paul’s violent background; he was considering his value to God. In essence, he was thinking, “If we can harness and direct this guy, he can win the race for us.” And he was proved right. Saul the persecutor became Paul the apostle. But not until Barnabas put his credibility on the line (See Ac 9:26-30). Peacemaking calls for taking risks. It means evaluating people by their best moments and qualities. Peacemakers are “big picture” thinkers who are governed by grace, not petty opinions and temporary conditions. So be a peacemaker.